Business Win Story: Winning a Fight but Losing a War

Another song that I would like to share with you came from sun kingdom Japan. The Duet between 2 Canadians and 2 Japanese friends combined into one amazing band that is more than 20 years now. This is I Need Your Love by Monkey Majik.

Me, Ms A and Yoga Pradana

The Social Media Challenges today is about Business Win, Business win means that when the customer offers you money or something else of tangible value in exchange for your solution. In this case, I want to tell you a story about 2 young freelancers who were young and stupid. The title is about Winning a fight but losing a war, so you might guess what happens next with this Business win story

Here is the story, Once upon a time in Jakarta far far away, Yoga and I were contacted by Ms. A. Ms. A enticed on the possible making money out of platforms like Onlyfans and Gummyroad. If you don't know these websites, then you are a good upstanding citizen that loves your other half faithfully without looking at any girls on the internet. OF, Gummyroad, Fantasia, Patreon is a website for appreciating your content creators. And most of them are hmm, let say that it was mostly semi porn. A lot of porn actresses also made money on them but not a lot compared to what they earn for each video from the production house or if she uploaded it on websites like PHub.

Let me make this clear, I don’t subscribe to them a lot. At most only 1 or 2 content creators. Also i subscribed to help friends only. Its not like i like these kind of things okay…

I proposed then we make some kind of like Asian Sex Diaries but more modest and subtle, hence we sell Gravure videos and photos of her doing some stuff. She is okayed and really fond of my ideas and wants to pay our services to maintain the social media, and of course handling the shooting.

The first month we set up all of it and start a social media brand launch for her on Twitter and Instagram/Facebook. We also planned the shooting for contents at OF/Patreon/Gummyroad and everything went well

In the second month, however, the shooting cost was kept to a very minimum so the quality is expected. I complained to Yoga but we just decided to publish the content as it is. The content is selling better than we expected because of the quality of the content. But then this happened

In the third month, we billed Ms. A for our services for the second month and we sent the next storyboard for the next shooting. She refused to pay and asked to pay for the “damages” that we did; “Damages” indeed. She like my dad was the biggest hitman in the north and he will kill us or something. To avoid some violence, we decided to cave in and stop all the business with her. I want to explain more about this incident but then again this will be another episode out of this article because it's more like cosplay drama and some stuff that I don't want to discuss in this article.


Sign Contract Before Doing Anything

Never doing something for free

This is like, 2nd day of my social media challenge, today’s topic is “ Tell you guys about my Business Win” and I picked this because this is one of the most bizarre requests for clients, but I can learn so much from this.

Again if you have creative ideas and you need someone to realize it, contact me or yoga, but I really hope is not another gravure thingy, mainly because Yoga Pradana has a girlfriend now and he wants to marry her someday.